Snipping time from Pulau Pangkor

PPangkor 3

Il tempo é distensione dell’anima , said Saint Augustin, one of the most tender philophers that ever walked this world. How to translate that ? Distensio gives not only the sense of measure with which everybody’s soul interprets time, but also suggests to my eyes the filling of an expanse would be empty and meaningless otherwise.
How long was today ? A day full of different pictures , stacked one on top of the other until those two minutes where a monkey starts to call in the sunsetting sky of Kuala Lumpur hills,  her call is soon followed by other birdsongs . A small chorus lasts for few seconds, the monkey or the monkeys reply again, the branches around rustle lightly and the first stars appear and  twinkle in the sky still clear. Then silence comes, no echo,  just a full silence for some minutes. How many minutes , it is impossible to say. The day is gone and these minutes are full and bear something that I do not know. I stand in the middle of the garden , the day is ripe and I let myself stretch into the air , fill it with my presence and feel the connection with the all forest calling it a day.

It was only few minutes but it seemed fuller than this past day consumed in hours as a snack in between lunch and dinner.

Now it is dark and the fireworks start below in Ampang Jaya. The Chinese New Year celebrations are not over yet .

Only few days ago I was still in Pulau Pangkor, a little island off the west coast. You do not go to Pulau Pangkor for the sea. Yet the sea and the land detached from the peninsula  have made of their encounter a beautiful line of curves and bay, embroidered with large leaves trees and looked upon by a thick, abundant, luxuriant jungle. It is a very pleasant place to come and spend a weekend, soak in the scorching heat tranquillity under the shade and see the speck of colors darting across the street from the jungle (the island must be full of very entertaining birds).

The first time I came here, Pulau Pangkor was really off the beaten track , not for its difficulty or roughness: it was simply ignored. Now the island is happily frequented by local families and there is an atmosphere of summer vacation all around, from the stalls selling all sort of snacks to the scooters roaming the sinuous roads.

Ppangkor 12

Kids enjoying the holiday from school in a fishing village

PPangkor 6

PPangkor 5

PPangkor 7

PPangkor 8

admire the pink collective taxis going from one extremity to the other

Ppangkor 4

PPangkor 9

hornbills come looking for rests from the restaurants garbage

PPangkor 2

appam balik, delicious crepe sold in stalls: it deserves the queue in front of the heating plates , (think that already in Malaysia it is always 30° 35°C …)

PPangkor 11

PPangkor 16

Lumut , on the mainland, has a happy industry of dried fish selling: it is the first time that when I follow the seafood sign I do not find a restaurant but a shop selling dried fish. There is a bunch of these shops just at the jetty, for all those coming from the island.

PPangkor 17

Lumut, on the mainland

PPangkor 18

PPangkor guesthouse


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