Chinese New Year begins

New Year brings in dry sun and one of the bluest skies since the last two months. The beauty of the blue is intoxicating and sparkling but at equatorial latitudes comes at a price: the heat is unbearable on the streets and the feeling of dissolving in it makes one wonder whether he has turned into a vampire overnight. Unfortunately we missed the dragon dance in front of Central Market , which must have not lasted more than fifteen minutes by the way, we have a look at the people praying at the oldest KL temple

I like this temple because it represents the ver essence of KL, to the extent I have known it, it does not have the elegance and the playfulness of traditional southern temples , found elsewhere in Malaysia, it seems almost recovered from a shophouse or a business small manufacture and to me it reminds the first immigrant to the town in search if fortune in the tin and too busy to make their destiny to invest in esthethics. So their temple is functional and modest.




At the end when we try to have lunch, of course everything is closed here but lucky us we can move to the indian neighborhood . Chinese New Year is going to be four days of Indian and Middle Eastern fare



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