Gunung Angsi, april 2014


I hope a better title is going to come to my mind for yesterday hike, while i start to tell about it.
The hike up to Gunung Angsi for those that start from Bukit Putus is a quite easy stroll up, a very enjoyable walk among broad leaf forest , creaky brown leaves carpet floor, ginger and banana trees. There used to be a man cooking food for the hikers and unfortunately he seemed to have left. Maybe kicked out by the park responsible , another dumb thing wold it be.
The joys of hikes in Malaysia contemplate being eaten alive by mosquitoes, having bees up your pants, often leeches, the hot steamy air from evaporating puddles, sweating several times your weight, and … Oh yes crouching down bamboos trunks infested by eager ants ( that you happen to notice only after they bit you) or those red clays that forms giant size steps , that take out all your hate when you go up and pull out of you that held in phrase “what am i doing here?” , and that when you thought you had exhausted all your hate, well they take out even more of it, when you climb down and feel your knees squeaking at every single one. But it is great , it really is , those things are like the acidity in sweet wine that makes you appreciate the richness of it. And it is great , it really is even without mentioning crossing the streams that refresh your feet, without the bathing in the waterfalls, the smell of musk and cinnamon and the funny howling of siamangs, the dwarfing heights of cedars and timbers.
So going back to Angsi, well it almost has not any of the challenges, apart from the tenacious mosquitoes but it us still a thrilling adventure with its rich vegetation , number of openings on the side that reveals hills and , sigh , sometimes the highway, and its lovely clearing on the top. For aficionados of the red clay steps, i heard that the trail through Ulu Bendol has plenty of those , if one wants really a bit of suffering.
Otherwise Angsi is so pleasant that can be presented even to those that have never much hiked and want to see the jungle.
The trail is really clear and is not at all littered , thanks to the hikers most probably , the chaps down at the booth collecting entrance fees do not seem an athlethic bunch enough to scour up and down for plastics and left overs.
Another curiosity we just learnt yesterday, the iron tipi on top of all peaks in Malaysia, called beirut, has been left there by the British themselves.










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