It has been said that people or country when unrooting themselves have the gift of hopefulness.

When individuals come unstuck from their native land, they are called migrants. When nations do the same (Bangladesh), the act is called secession. What is the best thing about migrant peoples are seceded nations? I think it is their hopefulness. . . . And what’s the worst thing? It is the emptiness of one’s luggage. I’m speaking of invisible suitcases, not the physical, perhaps cardboard, variety containing a few meaning-drained mementoes: we have come unstuck from more than land. We have floated upwards from history from memory, from Time.” (Rushdie)

I felt this profoundly inside of me when I tried to dislocate myself to Birmingham and Edinburgh for a short part of my studies, and again when I  set off to Paris for thirteen years.

And then after me keeping changing and turning my cards, life played his own set of cards making me fall in love in the middle of the desert . And now we are  both living in the tropics. And all of a sudden there is no suitcase at all.

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