Art Wanderer: the jor-bangla and the many tales of terra-cotta

When you look at the temples you hardly notice them, but then the stories unfold endlessly. They are born in that same matteras the earth below and the countryside is made of.

The temples are perennially lively thanks to their terracotta images, their floral designs and the red color almost mirror the surrounding countryside with its lush vines and ponds and trees .

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Art Wanderer: The Hindu Temples take 4- Southern Temples from Tamil Nadu and their exportation

how different is the concept of beautiful and I had just crossed a couple of continents to get there and it made sense that it was attracting and alienating at the same time: yes attracting, it was but still could not tell why. I felt had to cross a gap. As much as I had to give in the very sense of intensity in smells, heat, noises and colors that was around me: everything was a riotous colorful and anarchic world to my sense (and who knows how much of these those crowded gopurams remind to the freshly arrived foreigner)

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Art wanderer: the Hindu Temple- take 1

Travel is understanding the world: interpreting is traveling, again and further , to loved places.
One gets dazzled, attracted, happily disoriented in a riot of beauty, art and incense aroused feelings over slippery butter on the ground. What a great experience and yet I felt there was more:  since I started to travel I started to understand what I was seeing. I feel that one has words to describe things, those things become more enjoyable more valuable. I decided to talk about the little I learned over the year, from this point of view that I have now.

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